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Family Dentistry Storts Family Dentistry

There are many advantages to choosing a family dentist. Storts Family Dentistry offers dental care for all family members, regardless of age. Our team of dentists understands the importance of being flexible and providing each patient with the unique care they need. Each stage of life requires special oral care needs. If you are looking for a new dentist, we provide family dentistry in Southern Oklahoma for children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Family Dentist in Southern OK

Family Dentistry in Southern Oklahoma

As a family dentist office, Storts Family Dentistry provides oral health care for patients at every stage of life. Our dentists are qualified to care for the unique needs of small children as well as adults. If you have a family with members ranging in age, then choosing a family dentist will be more convenient for you.

Dentistry for Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child see a dentist when their first baby tooth erupts or by their 1st birthday. Your Storts Family Dentistry offices located in Ardmore and Madill, OK treats children of all ages. We know that the dentist can be intimidating initially, especially for children. Your child’s first visit with us is a “Happy Visit” when they meet their dentist and become familiar with our dentist office.

Our dentists and staff are passionate about working with kids. We want your child to learn how to care for their teeth and create lifelong habits. After a child’s first visit with us, we will proceed with a regular hygiene schedule. Your child should visit us every six months for a check-up and hygiene appointment.

Starting a dental hygiene routine at a young age will give your child a long-lasting smile and will lower their chances of developing a dental disease. Our family dental services in Southern OK help younger patients keep their smiles healthy. We also provide comprehensive dental services to the public in Oklahoma.

Dental Services for Children

We can catch and treat many types of oral issues in the early stages. We offer orthodontics for children if your child requires it. Both Invisalign and traditional braces are great options for correcting a child’s teeth. Our orthodontic services are helpful for issues including but not limited to overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, gap teeth, open bite, and crooked teeth.

We also offer tooth extractions for children who suffer from severe decay or need their wisdom teeth removed. Lastly, our two locations in Ardmore, OK and Madill, OK provide sedation dentistry for children who become anxious when visiting the dentist. We utilize nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” to give anxious children a calm and comfortable experience.

Preventing Cavities in Children

Across the country, childhood cavities are a major issue we face. At Storts Family Dentistry in Southern Oklahoma, we make it a point to prevent cavities in children. Cavity prevention starts at a young age through good oral hygiene habits and dental education.

Beginning routine visits with your child is vital. At these visits you will learn how to properly care for your child’s teeth, we will clean their teeth, and examine their entire mouth for potential dental issues.

Diagnosing a dental cavity in the early stages allows us to treat it right away. This is when treatment is most conservative and we can preserve most of your child’s natural tooth structure.

To prevent cavities, you can do many things to ensure the health of your child’s teeth:

  • Brushing their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste (over age 2)
  • Flossing once a day
  • Limiting sugary drinks and beverages
  • Following recommended guidelines for nursing, taking a bottle, and sippy cup use

Keep primary teeth (baby teeth) in place and healthy until they are lost naturally. Primary teeth are essential for maintaining good nutrition, allowing children to chew properly. Likewise, primary teeth are critical for proper speech development and help to promote good self-esteem.

The Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

Choosing a family dentist will provide you with many benefits. If your are searching for a new dentist for your family, here are some reasons why you should Storts Family Dentistry:

  1. As a family dentist office, our dentists provide a wide range of services under one roof. Its easier to schedule appointments for the entire family at one time.
  2. When you visit us multiple times a year, we hope to establish a familiar and comfortable relationship. Your dentist will know your family dental history which will only enhance the personalized care we can provide you and your family.
  3. Family dentists provide dental care to patients of all ages. This includes routine cleanings and exams to more complex procedures. A family dentist can continue the dental care each patient needs from childhood into adulthood.
  4. Family dentists can offer advice for each patient that is tailored to their age and needs. This includes education about preventive care, dietary habits, and oral hygiene practices suitable for every family member. This is vital to help patients attain and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits.
  5. Having one dentist treat your whole family allows for easier tracking of genetic or recurring dental issues. Your dentist will offer effective dental health preventive strategies and treatments.
  6. Regular visits to the same family dentist can help instill the importance of dental hygiene in children, seeing it as a normal part of health maintenance.

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Call (580) 260-3410 or request a dental appointment with us online. Our skilled and experienced dentists are proud to serve a wide range of cities and towns in southwestern Oklahoma, such as Ardmore, Madill, Thackerville, Springer, Wilson, Mannsville, Kingston, and countless other areas! We recommend dental cleanings and check-ups twice per year. Bring your child in for a cleaning today!