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In recent years, advancements in dental implant technology have transformed the landscape of full-mouth dental implants. A treatment method called All-on-4® dental implants is available for patients who previously could not get full-mouth dental implants. Storts Family Dentistry offers All-On-Four dental implants in Ardmore and Madill, OK, for patients with significant tooth loss and reduced bone density.

All-On-Four dental implants in Ardmore and Madill, OK

What is All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a unique dental implant method that will replace a row of teeth when traditional dental implants will not work. Instead of using eight dental implants (or more) to anchor a denture, it uses four implant fixtures to anchor a denture. Your dentist will strategically place the implant fixtures in the jaw to use the available bone.

During surgery, the dentist will place two anterior implant fixtures in the front of the jaw. Then they will place two tilted posterior implants towards the back. The unique placement of the implants will maximize the contact with present jaw bone and minimize the need for a bone graft.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for All-on-4®?

You will qualify for All-on-4® if you have lost most or all of your teeth in one or both dental arches. It offers a fixed and stable alternative to traditional dentures and does not require a bone graft.

Several factors contribute to determining whether a patient is a good candidate for the All-on-4® procedure:

  • Tooth Loss Severity: Patients with extensive tooth loss or complete tooth loss in one or both arches can benefit from all-on-four implants.
  • Bone Density: Traditional dental implants will require adequate bone volume for support. All-on-4® is for patients with moderate to severe bone loss without the need of a bone graft.
  • Health and Lifestyle: A candidate for all-on-four implants should be in good overall health. However, if you have health issues, such as a chronic disease, your dentist will assess you during the consultation process to see if you qualify.
  • Commitment to Oral Health: A successful All-on-4® treatment will require regular oral hygiene and dental check-ups. You will need to follow post-operative care instructions to ensure the success of your new implant-supported restoration.

The Benefits of the All-on-4® Implant Method Compared to Conventional Full-Mouth Dental Implants

The conventional full-mouth implant method is different from the All-on-4® implant method in several key ways. During your consultation, your dentist will review all the benefits of the All-on-Four implant method. These benefits range from fewer implant fixtures to less bone density required.

Fewer Number of Implant Fixtures

When replacing a top or bottom arch of teeth, the conventional dental implant treatment requires more implant fixtures. The typical number of teeth implants we use to support the denture is between six and eight per arch.

The all-on-four implant method requires fewer implant fixtures because it strategically places four implants in the jaw. The tilted posterior implant fixtures offer additional stability and support, allowing for fewer dental implants.

No Need for Bone Grafting

Dental implant patients with bone loss receiving conventional implant treatment will require a bone graft. This is to build back up the bone, allowing for more volume to support the implant fixtures.

The all-on-four method minimizes the need for bone grafting. The tilted posterior implants take advantage of the available bone and reduce the impact of bone resorption.

Shorter Treatment Timeline

A traditional implant treatment often involves a longer treatment timeline. This includes placing the implant fixtures, the healing period, placing the abutment, and placing the prosthetics.

The all-on-four method streamlines the treatment process. It allows your dentist to attach a temporary denture right after inserting the dental implants. You will get functional teeth shortly after the procedure. It is the only restorative dentistry treatment that offers a same-day smile.

Lower Treatment Cost

Conventional full-mouth dental implants tend to cost more. The treatment requires more dental implants, the potential for bone grafting, and a longer treatment timeline.

The all-on-four dental implant method is more cost-effective for some patients. It uses fewer dental implants, and we streamline the process.

Are There Any Drawbacks to All-on-4 Dental Implants?

While the all-on-four implant method offers many benefits, it has the same drawbacks as conventional full-mouth implants. The treatment involves surgery, which carries the inherent risks associated with any surgical procedure. It cost will involve a significant investment. While it is more cost effective than traditional full-mouth dental implants, it will still cost tens of thousands of dollars.

You must follow all directions for after-care, post-operative instructions, and maintenance requirements. Failing to do so could result in complications that will threaten your results. Despite this, the All-on-4 technique is better for your oral health and will contribute to a better quality of life.

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If you have a full upper or lower arch of missing teeth, you may qualify for All-on-4® dental implants. Storts Family Dentistry offers all-on-four implants at their dental offices located in Ardmore and Madill, OK. Schedule your appointment today to see if this revolutionary approach to full-arch teeth replacement will work for you. To schedule a consultation, call (580) 260-3410 or request an appointment online today.