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Laser Dentistry Storts Family Dentistry

Ongoing advancements in laser technology have led to the development of laser dentistry. Today, lasers are a useful and valuable tool for dentists. Dental lasers are widely used for a variety of dental treatments, including gum disease treatment and other oral procedures. There are many benefits for dentists and patients with the introduction of lasers in dentistry. Storts Family Dentistry is proud to offer laser dentistry in Ardmore and Madill, OK at all their dental office locations.

laser dentistry in Ardmore and Madill, OK

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a special service in our Southern Oklahoma dental office that utilizes laser technology to perform several dental procedures. Lasers allow your dentist to perform dental procedures with unprecedented precision, and you benefit because there is minimal discomfort afterward. Dental lasers emit concentrated beams of light energy that can be precisely focused on specific areas inside the mouth. This allows your dentist to perform delicate and intricate procedures without the need for traditional instruments.

The Growing Popularity of Laser Dentistry

Storts Family Dentistry added laser technology to our dental practices due to the numerous advantages it offers both dental professionals and patients. Lasers offer unparalleled precision, reducing the need for invasive procedures and minimizing discomfort for patients. They also promote faster healing, reduce bleeding, and minimize the risk of infection, making them an attractive choice for both practitioners and patients seeking advanced dental care.

Treating Gum Disease with Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has revolutionized the treatment of gum disease (periodontal disease). With the use of lasers, our dentists can now target and eliminate bacteria residing in periodontal pockets. This will aid in gum tissue regeneration and promote attachment between gums and teeth. Laser treatments for gum disease are minimally invasive, reducing discomfort and ensuring faster recovery compared to traditional surgical methods.

Other Conditions Treated with Laser Dentistry

Our dentists can also treat other conditions with laser dentistry, including:

Cold Sores

Your dentist can use dental lasers to reduce the pain and duration of cold sores. The laser’s energy penetrates the affected area, promoting healing and reducing the severity of outbreaks.

Uneven Gums

Uneven gums are a common cosmetic issue. Storts Family Dentistry can use dental lasers to reshape your gum tissues. This will create an even gum line and improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Gummy Smile

Some people simply have smiles with too much gum tissue. This cosmetic issue is called a gummy smile. Your dentist can use laser dentistry to remove excess gum tissue. In doing this, it will enhance the proportion of the teeth you see, creating a balanced, aesthetically pleasing smile.

Benefits of Using Laser Dentistry

  • Precision: Dental lasers allow precise targeting of affected areas, preserving healthy surrounding tissues.
  • Minimally Invasive: Treatments using dental lasers are minimally invasive, reducing discomfort and promoting faster recovery.
  • Reduced Bleeding: You can expect to bleed less during and after the procedure with the use of laser dentistry because it promotes blood clotting.
  • Faster Healing: Dental treatments with lasers encourage faster tissue regeneration and healing, minimizing downtime for patients.
  • Less Discomfort: There is no need to use anesthesia with laser dentistry. Lasers cause minimal pain and discomfort during and after procedures.
  • Reduced Infection Risk: The high-energy laser light sterilizes the treated area, reducing the risk of post-operative infections.
  • No Sutures Needed: A dental laser does not involve cutting the tissue. Therefore, your dentist will not need to stitch you after the procedure. 

Performing Laser Treatments at Storts Family Dentistry in Southern Oklahoma

Your dentist will assess your oral condition to determine if laser dentistry is the right treatment for you. In most cases, anesthesia is not required. However, if you have a complex dental condition, you may need it to ensure your comfort. This will be determined at your consultation. At your appointment, your dentist will use a specialized dental laser to perform the procedure, precisely targeting the affected area. After the treatment, you will receive instructions for post-operative care and follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process.

Laser dentistry has significantly improved efficiency, precision, and comfort in oral healthcare. Storts Family Dentistry can treat gum disease with amazing accuracy, minimizing your discomfort. Our dental practice offers laser dentistry to patients in Ardmore and Madill, OK. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from dental lasers, call our office at (580) 260-3410 or request an appointment online.